Decorated Wreaths | Jazz-a-Tazz Christmas Wreath | Blue
20" Jazz-a-Tazz Christmas Wreath

Jazz up your holiday with decorated Christmas wreaths. The jazz-a-tazz is a colorful favorite! The fully jazzed Christmas wreath features striking blue and silver touches that are as elegant and whimsical as Bourbon Street itself. You'll love the way the light catches the ornaments and the shiny silver bow. Put this spirited wreath on display, strike up the band and have yourself a Cajun little Christmas!

The blue and silver themed Christmas wreath has greenery straight from the forest. Our super crafters weave the different textures of the firs and pines together to make a perfect circle. Then, they jazz it up with clusters of blue ornaments and silver ornaments that seem to set off the glimmer of the silver bow. The effect is a dazzling combo of nature and the magic of Christmas.

Lavish one of these pretty wreaths on the special people on your gift list. They will appreciate the extra thought you gave to choosing their favorite colors for Christmas. They can save the ornaments and the bow to use on their tree next year. The bow is pretty enough for a birthday present package.

Order an economy hanger to enhance your decorated wreaths. It's only $3 and is sturdy enough to enjoy year after year.

"My Aunt Julie works for you, and every Christmas, while I was growing up, she would send us a wreath in Iowa, donned with the label "Made by Julie." That wreath was the highlight of my winter for many years. Now, 23 years later, I own my own home, and for two years, I have proudly hung a Christmas wreath "made by Julie." I can't wait to place my order, and enjoy a small piece of Washington state all season long."
(M. Leigh/Martelle, Idaho)

  • 20" in diameter
  • Made in America
  • Lush silver bow and blue & silver ornaments
  • Free shipping to Continental US via UPS Ground
  • Always forest fresh

    $ 69.00