Christmas Wreaths - Gorgeous Christmas Wreaths from Christmas Forest Wreaths
20" Uplander Christmas Wreath
The Uplander Christmas wreaths will remind you of crisp cool mornings in the mountains.  The elves gather the evergreens in the forest peaks in a way that pleases Mother Nature.  For example, they only trim the boughs from the trees.  So, we do not harm the trees.  In fact, the pruning actually promotes growth.  Since safe forest practices are so important to us, we always have the environment in mind.

These Uplander Christmas wreaths use a simple design.  However, they aren't plain.  The tartan bows are a brightly colored green with a touch of red.  Perfect for Christmas!  In addition, there are gold threads running through the taffeta.  That makes for an eye-catching ribbon which complements the fresh evergreens.

Order one of these fresh Christmas wreaths for family, friends, and clients.  Teachers and doctors also appreciate these beautiful Christmas gifts.

  • 20" in diameter
  • Pretty Green Tartan Bows
  • Fresh Christmas wreaths
  • Free Shipping to Continental US via UPS Ground

  • $ 45.00